I Dream in Twitter: A Podcast Poem

I’ve been thinking about Twitter a lot lately, about the pros and cons, and I woke this morning with the lines of this poem dancing in my head. (Twitter is a network that connects people by asking them to write about what they are doing right at that moment) So I worked on it and recorded it as a podcast, sharing it out.

I would love to know what the Twitter friends think about it.

I Dream in Twitter
Listen to the podcast

I dream in Twitter
in 140 characters
that cut off my thoughts before they are complete
and then I wonder, why 140?
Ten more letters would serve me right
as I write about what I am doing at that moment
in time,
connecting across the world with so many others
shackled by 140 characters, too,
and I remain amazed at how deep the brevity can be.

I find it unsettling to eavesdrop on conversations
between two
when you can only read one
and it startles me to think that someone else out there
has put their ear to my words
and wondered the same about me.
Whose eyes are watching?

Twitter is both an expanding universe
of tentacles and hyperlinks that draw you in
with knowledge and experience
and a shrinking neighborhood of similar voices,
echoing out your name
in comfortable silence.

I dream in Twitter
in 140 characters,
and that is what I am doing

Peace (in poems and podcasts),

  1. HI Kevin, I like the poem, enjoyed hearing it as well- nice rhythm. The repetition of “140 characters” adds to the short, frequent nature of twitter posts (if that makes sense?) It also reminds me of this quote, I would have written a shorter letter but didn’t have time. (Blaise Pascal). Well done. I’m new to twitter and enjoying it as well.

  2. I am only now catching up on my google reader, and I love this post. So many times the 140 characters annoy me too. Sometimes I only need 40 more characters, sometimes, many more. It has made me think in the sms language that my students use, much of the time, when I want to fit it all in. However, it has also forced me to precise my English and cut the ‘flowery language’. Catch on twitter!!!

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