Meanwhile … a hyperlinked graphic novel

I am not sure what to make of this. I discovered this graphic novel via my Delicious feeds, and graphic novels interest me to no end. This one is different. It clearly was composed for the Web 2.0 World, with story arcs and hyperlinked narrative paths all over the place.

I can’t tell if I am amazed or confused by it, to be honest.

Take a look at the graphic novel called Meanwhile.

Also this week, I caught the end of a story on National Public Radio on the art of comics and graphic novels about the art. It seemed interesting to get the glimpse inside this world of comics.

Take a listen at NPR and see what you think.

Peace (in frames),

  1. I think I am confused and amazed. I was also thinking how it could appeal to folks with or without a long attention span as it requires both. Yes, I’m confused. And amazed.

  2. Twenty years ago when my oldest son first started playing “video” games they were text based. Depending on what you typed in response to the comment on the screen something would happen, there was quest to solve. I remember him “charting” the story on paper as he went along–that flow chart reminds me of this book. Makes today’s interactive games seem easy.

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