Slice of Life, the weekly series, Chapter 2

(This is part of a weekly feature called Slice of Life Project)

Where I live, the signs of spring are comin in two flavors: baseball and flowers.

The feverish, crazy youth baseball season is already fast upon us. As a bit of an update for Slice of Lifers, my older son did not get on the team that he wanted. Instead, he was recruited to move up to the older league and is now on a team that everyone I talk to says has the nicest and best coach in that league. We had one stressful night where we pulled him out of the older league and then reconsidered, allowing him to make the choice on what he wanted to do. He chose moving up. He feels flattered that the coach wanted him so bad (he’s a lefty, he’s quick, he plays first base and pitches) and he knew he was not going to be on the team coached by our neighbor because he was so coveted by other coaches in the drafting process. However, by moving up, he left his younger brother available to be chosen for the neighborhood team, and that is a good thing. Our neighbor is allowing both boys to practice with the team a few nights a week (the older son’s team hasn’t yet scheduled a practice).

And so, baseball begins …

Meanwhile, in our front yard, another sign of the changing seasons is emerging. My youngest son and I are keeping careful track of the little green buds sprouting up from the ground in the small patch of Tiger Lillies. Last week, he helped me rake the leaves away that we forgot about before winter. We bent down to examine what was there, which wasn’t much — just a few green dots below the soil. Each day since then, things are changing as the weather slowly (and I mean slowly) gets warmer. He races over to the spot every day and we marvel at the progress of the plants. He warns me not to step on them. He puts up his hand in the stop sign motion to make sure I understand. Then he slowly circles the land, informing me that these are flowers. I don’t have the heart to tell them that these particular Lillies are late bloomers and may not open up until summer.

But, boy, won’t he be surprised when they do. These are his flowers now.

Peace (in signs and signals),

  1. Two of my favorite signs of spring- baseball and flora. The amazing thing about little kids- they remind us of the wonders of the world through the smallest discoveries. enjoy.

  2. It is so great when children start noticing the growing process of flowers and learn to appreciate the beauty of nature.

    I remember the youth baseball sports programs. The teams can get pretty competitive at an early age. I wanted the kids to have the opportunity to be able to play the various positions, and the coaches already had the best players on the base positions at age seven!

  3. I never had children who were interested in playing baseball or softball — I got a dancer and a track runner. However, as I read your slice, it seems like spring and baseball really do go hand in hand. I guess I will have to be satisfied with my Cleveland Indians breaking my heart yet again this year. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the update on your oldest son’s baseball story! And congratulations to him for moving up … sounds as though he had every right to be flattered.

    I love the image I got of your youngest doing the Stop!-in-the-name-of-love hand move to keep you away from his lily-babies. Too cute. Still hoping for warmer weather here, too. I keep going out with my jean jacket every morning … and I keep regretting it because it’s still too chilly for that. Where’s spring?!

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