Poem a Day, Monday

A One Week Poetry Challenge
(An April challenge to write and post a poem a day for a week, as hosted by Two Writing Teachers)

How To Build a Butterfly

I’ll show you, Daddy,
how to build a butterfly
from crayon colors and blue sky moments.
Look here as the wings take shape on gossamer dreams
against a green backdrop of the fresh spring grass.
It’s delicate, Daddy,
and only for your eyes, not your fingers.
My butterfly dances on the moon
when the moon is hiding,
so that only the two of them dance together
in tap-step harmony.
That is how you build a butterfly, Daddy.
What wondrous thing will you create, he says,
as I think, you.

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Peace (in poetry),

  1. Such beautiful imagery Kevin.
    Thank you!
    p.s. I thought I should mention that these edublogs load really really slow. During SOL sometimes, I couldn’t even get it to load. I don’t know if it’s just me but wanted you to know. I have a really fast cable hookup so don’t know why the edublogs are so slow. It happens with Bonnie too.

  2. I think this one is ready for a picture book. Do you illustrate as well? I love the voices. It would be cool to experiment with a child reading his part. Just a thought. I filled with suggestions today and I still need to practice for my guitar lesson tomorrow.

  3. Thank everyone.

    Jane, the network does seem slow. I may write an email to the Edublog owner and let him know.
    I hope the wait is worth it …. sigh.

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