Poem a Day, Friday

A One Week Poetry Challenge
(An April challenge to write and post a poem a day for a week, as hosted by Two Writing Teachers)

In the Middle

Our friend tells him he is the peanut butter and jelly
between the bread,
and that spot has always made him at odds with himself.
The older and the younger — simultaneous positions — and wondering
where he truly fits in.
He is the first to love, the first to shout,
the first to reach out to those in pain,
the first to stake out his ground,
the first in affection for affection’s sake,
the first to slam the door.
Yet something is happening to him even as we speak,
something transforming him from unsettled force in the world
into this steady and stalwart child.
Perhaps he is coming into his own and no longer needs
the bread on either side to hold him
together in place.

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Peace (in poetry),

  1. Sounds like my brother Jeff, and after lots of “wild” behavior he calmed down and became a lawyer and now mayor of the town. He is still funny, but more controlled. But right in the middle.
    I love the listing of firsts.
    How do you get the lines to be single?

  2. As a middle child, can I just say ‘thank you.’ I always thought my parents didn’t really get my quiet middle child drama. Clearly your son doesn’t have that worry. This is so lovely.

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