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I just uploaded a video into the Flickr Comment Challenge Group in which I try to give a video tour of some of the blogs I visited yesterday on the 31 Day Comment Challenge. I hope others might also give the video option a shot. The Flickr idea comes from Kate, who posted her own video at the start of the project.
Take a look and please, consider joining the Flickr Group or the 31 Day Comment Challenge (it’s never too late)

(The music is original and part of another song)

Peace (in sharing),

  1. Hi Kevin, I’ve already asked one question today, but this video inspires a few more. Do you think video commenting of the variety provided by Seesmic is the future of commenting? Is it the logical evolution? Does video make conversations easier or harder? Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? Looking forward to your thoughts on this emerging communication avenue.

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  3. Hi Kevin – Excellent work. What I like the most is I now have a better picture in my mind as to what you look like, your voice and who you are. I’ve set up a page on the wiki to add the videos and photos. Photos will automatically be brought by RSS provided we have everyone use the tag comment08. Probably best if we get each person to embed their videos unless you can think of a better solution?

    It would be good if everyone in the Challenge upload a photo to Flickr because we will be able to create a slideshow from it. The videos are the absolute best because they enhance community building.

    Bonnie – you could use CamStudio to capture the screen (it’s free). Video I use my digital camera set to video and then edit in MovieMaker to compress.

  4. Hi Greg
    Your question is an intriguing one — I am not sure how video might change blogging but I do believe it gives things a different dimension and provides another platform for expression. When you add video to writing, and also podcasting, and then the full range of publishing and potential interaction of composer and audience, the Web World has the potential to be an amazing place. Sue brings up the point that the video gives you a view of me in a different way — you hear me, you see me, you experience me beyond the page. I find that aspect intriguing.

    Sue, I think it would be great to have folks share pictures and videos and I am excited that others might join in (Langwitches, I can’t wait).

    Take care, everyone

  5. What a great video, Kevin – thanks for sharing! I was just a little bit disappointed that you didn’t make it to my blog, but there’s still time! I’ll have to see if I can create a similar video to share my commenting ventures.

  6. I like the personal feel of video comments, but I fear that it’s not only a technological barrier to consuming/participating in the conversation for some, but that it makes consuming a conversation much slower and, in that way, limits the number of conversations I can consume and participate in. Perhaps that’s not such a bad thing…

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  8. Great points, Greg.
    A video is not a great way to create a conversation in this kind of venue, but it can capture a slice of the action.
    And there is a tech hurdle for many folks, even though the tools get easier and easier to use, and more intuitive, too.

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