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The 31 Day Comment Challenge is still going strong and two of the tasks from this week were to highlight a comment on our blog that seemed to resonate with us and also, to reflect on what we think makes for a good comment. So, I spent some time moving back in time through the comment bin (and getting used to the nice new upgrade to WP2 in Edublogs). There are quite a few comments in there (thanks to everyone).

The comment I am going to choose is from Carla, who was responding to a post I wrote earlier this week about a virtual mentoring that I had done this year with a high school student learning about claymation animation. Carla wrote:

Dear Bryan and Kevin,

Your partnership has proven to be a fantastic way for a wonderful visual result! Great, Bryan. Your claymation shows how hard you worked. It would be great to hear the stages to make it, the behind the scenes, so others could profit from your own journey.

I chose Carla’s comment because it was clear that she had read my post, watched the video and offered some reflective insight. Carla’s words connected with me here. There were other folks who wrote nice things, too. I liked how Carla was speaking both to me and the student with encouragement. And, she seems to truly want to know more. Thank you, Carla!

Now, what do I think makes for a good comment?

  • The comment adds some insight into the discussion and moves it forward;
  • The comment values the original writer and builds on those thoughts;
  • The comment is constructive and not destructive;
  • The comment may pose a question or thought-provoking angle on the issue;
  • The comment serves as a building block for community.
  • (And as we are learning with this challenge) The comment may generate healthy debate in order to bring the commenter back later for further discussion.

What do you think makes for a good comment on a blog?

Peace (in words),

  1. I’ve been reading some models for this prompt and I guess I wasn’t ready until I read yours and then I went back to my comments again (easier now to see them with this upgrade) and I liked a few very much.

    I intentionally didn’t pick one of yours, but I could have of course) and it was hard to find one that had everything. But I realized that what might not be there could be added in my list.

    Thanks, thought your list was great and the selection.

  2. Kia Ora Kevin.

    Wow! Cool man rocks! And all that. This is wide screen stuff! Could hold a dance in this space. Howd’ya git that?

    I like your list on “More Comment Challenges”. You seem to have a more holistic view of this topic than I do, but then, if everyone thought the same way about everything there would be no diversity and no digression. And, for me, that is what is so fascinating about The Challenge. People ARE so different.

    “(A) building block for community.” Is the word ‘community’ used as a verb here? That too is fascinating, the way the meanings of words are morphed to fit the phrase of the moment. For some, words used that was causes ‘a disconnect’ (another word that’s been ‘repurposed’) which is unfortunate. But I digress. . .

    Ka kite

  3. Wow, Kevin, what an honor! My principles for commenting are just what you mentioned. I feel commenting (now more than ever!) should be a motivation to establish dialog, to keep conversations. When I read back this comment I made on your blog, it’s a very, very simple one, but I understand your point. It just showed I was there listening with interest to what you were saying and what Bryan produced. Your choice gives me food for thought on my finding my own commenting style that seems to be effective, constructive, one that adds value to what is being said and helps build up knowledge within the blog community. Thanks! You made my day.

    This journey has been just so intense and I just loved to have connected to you. Let’s keep the wonderful conversations here, there, everywhere!

  4. Hi Carla
    I, too, am glad that I have connected with you.
    I am glad to have made your day.

    And it is no surprise to me that our values for commenting runs along the same path.


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