The Rainbow Hue of Our Days in a Sentence

Anne M. creatively decided to use PowerPoint as the coloured backdrop (notice I used the non-American spelling there) of PowerPoint to cast our words against the colours of our days. I took that powerpoint and made them into pictures so I could share here. (you can also view it as a Flickr slideshow here)

Come on back later this week and join us for another round of Day in a Sentence!
Peace (in words),
  1. Great presentation. Sorry I missed participating–again. I had planned to post on Saturday, but when I got back from Natchez and Larry came in from the country, he told me we were invited for supper–pastalaya (like jambalaya but with noodles instead of rice), potato salad, fresh pork cooked in a Cajun microwave, and fresh green beans. I couldn’t turn that down. So, off we went to Millbrook, and by the time we got back, it was late…well, you get the picture. But, congrats to everyone who added to the brilliant hue of Week in a Sentence.


  2. Hey, this is cool, Kevin! (Um, but … isn’t ‘aubergine’ purple?) When I figure out how to be a better time manager, I need to get in on your day-in-a-sentence. I love the idea. I’ve tried it a couple of times with my students (with a little success), but I think if I was feeling a little more adept, I could make the lesson work better for them, too.

  3. Oh
    No links will work — they are just images.
    I think Anne was going to upload into Slideshare, so if she does, I can do another post with that.
    Thanks for pointing that out

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