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Yes, in a comic. But not if you don’t want to. In recent workshops with teachers, and with my own students, we have used this very easy-to-use site called Make Beliefs Comics. It has limits, but ease of use is key.
So, for this week’s Day in a Sentence, I ask you to consider creating a Day in a Comic. You can use any format you want. If you do use Make Beliefs Comics, however, be sure to email your comic to me (dogtrax-at-gmail-dot-com) so I can collect them.
As a matter of fact, you can email me any of your comics, whatever the format. Or post a link to them here, if you can upload them yourself. I hope to collect and post them all together, in some format (any ideas?)
And if the idea of creating a comic is not quite your thing, feel free to just submit your day as a sentence in the traditional way via the comment feature on this post.
Peace (in days),
  1. Harumph! Kindergarteners’ behavior is something awful? Must not have the right kidney-garden teachers in your building! Usually the five year olds have enthusiasm and excitement down pat at the end of the year, while the upper grades turn into the tattle taley occcasionally cruel snots!


    Oops! Did I type that?

    Thanks for the link to the comic builder- I’ll try it out!

  2. Right on!
    I must have been grumpy.
    We have great kindergarten teachers, and my sons all had great K teachers.
    Sorry if it was insulting to anyone.
    I am sure kindergarten kids are holding it together a bit better than my sixth graders.

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  5. @Kevin – I think I must have missed this. Oh well. I sent you a comic anyway. It wasn’t a-day-in-a-comic. It was 31-days-in-a-comic. Ha ha ha!

    I think kids will have fun with this. I’ve bookmarked it for my own two. Won’t get on the computer now!

    Thanks for the link.

    Ka kite

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