Capturing Claymation Activity

We spent a lot of time working on Claymation Movies yesterday and, with a couple of exceptions, the students were really focused. Much of the work was just capturing the raw video, which requires patience and teamwork and a vision of how the stories might unfold. The theme this year is Climate Change, and I am going about the movie making process a little different than in years past (I will reflect later).

But as I was helping the groups, I took a couple of pictures of them at work, and made this collage.

I love their little creatures!
Peace (in multicolored clay),
  1. Kia Ora Kevin.

    Your students look engrossed in what they are doing. This is fascinating stuff – I’m sure it must give you a real buzz to work with the groups and also to look back on what they made. What’s more, you have a permanent record of their achievements, and they will have too.

    A cracker activity for group work no doubt. I am impressed.

    Ka kite

  2. I’d love to see your clay animation productions when they’re done. Will you be posting them online? My fourth graders did clay animations last year — this year we just worked on 2-D animations, but had a blast! You can see our stuff on my blog: either linked to the posts for each movie, or on the voicethread links in the blogroll.

  3. Hi Tonya
    I will be sure to “write my way out” of this year’s claymation.

    And, ps232techteacher, I appreciate the link to your blog site — 2d animation sounds fun.


  4. We’re anxiously waiting for your feedback, Kevin. I’d love to know more about the behind the scenes, how you make it happen! So, are you posting their video production somewhere open to comments?

  5. We are still trying to finish the little movies before the year ends …. ahhhhhhh.
    It’s tough carving out blocks of time and time is what they need.
    Yes — I will share here and at our classroom blog.
    Thanks for asking and following our progress.


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