Your Days in a Comic

Thanks to everyone who submitted their Day in a Comic. It was quite amusing to get them in my email bin. I struggled with how to present them all — I tried making a little movie but the text became too small and unreadable. I tried a slideshow but the new Edublogs platform doesn’t seem to want to have the flickr slideshow that I used to use.
So I am providing you with a link to the Flickr Slideshow and I hope you travel there and get a chuckle and/or insight out of the comic creations of this week.
Or, you can follow these contributors names to their comics:

If you want to make a comic, the tools we used were either Make Beliefs Comics or ToonDoo or the Read-Write-Think Site, but there are plenty of other sites out there that are easy for us and our students to use.

If you sent me a comic but I did not get it or post it, please let me know. And you can still link to your comic in the commenting section of this post, if you were a bit — ahem — tardy or occupied with real life this week.

Peace (in the funny pages),

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  2. I am always amazed by the imagination of others and the rich resources that are available to us via web2.0 tools. So much of what we share in this day in a sentence, can be applied to our classroom teaching to make the learning outcomes richer for our students. We have already copied your theme, by asking year 7 students to describe their camp in a sentence. We made that into a voicethread and each student has embedded it onto their blog. Thanks Kevin for sharing a great idea.

  3. Tena koe Kevin

    A comic collection here! You could start a magazine – you have a magazine. I like the way people work out their own way to participate in this. And the colours! I couldn’t find a way to get colour with Make-your-own-comic, though I can see now that screen-dumping and doctoring in an image application would be the way to go.

    What a fantastic way to pass on ideas and so easy to implement. I will be using this ap a lot from now on. Oh, and, I’ll also need to get another computer – for my kids to play comics on!

    I thought mine was too late then I discovered that ‘Ken 1’ was really corrupt (the data not the comic!) only after I’d posted it – thanks for cleaning it up. My edits didn’t show on the screen before that – doh! BUT the second one didn’t seem to work at all! I only had a screen dump which I, in disgust, kept and used on my latest post. Good you got Ken 2 – I used Scott McLeod’s blog title as I thought it was relevant 🙂

    I’m sure he won’t mind, especially if I link to his site 😉

    Thanks for the ap and sharing all these insightful comic contributions.

    Ka kite
    from Middle-eart

  4. Anne – That’s great that you bring this into the classroom (I may be talking to you about this — Bonnie and I are trying to pull together a proposal about Day in Sentence for the K12 Online Conference). I, too, have used Day with my kids and would love to do it again — maybe with Comic Life on our new Macs.

    Ken — You can use color in Make Beliefs Comics — it’s on the lower right? I can’t remember. I did do a little clean up to get rid of the empty dialogue boxes. It’s a little tricky but not too bad, I hope. My aim was for as much simplicity for people as possible.

    And Jane and Michaele — thanks for participating. It is the community that makes these endeavors so special.


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