Photo Fridays

My good friend, Bonnie, is launching a new challenge called Photo Fridays, in which folks share photographs on Fridays via a Flickr Group. I am not much of a photographer but I am going to give it a whirl when I can because I have been interested in capturing scenes around my house (without people, if possible). It will be a sort of minutia of the small world unfolding around me.

Bonnie has set up a Mr. Linky widget at her site, so if you post a photo on Friday on your blog or website, be sure to add your link to her blog widget, and we can all connect together.


Yesterday, I looked out at my front yard and saw the perfect image to capture the spirit of baseball at our house. A ball, a catcher’s mask and a pitch-back. It was just right. I love the contrast of the rich green grass with the white ball. The black of the mask and the pitch-back kind of fade, but I think the tree gives a bit of a backdrop and you can just make out the design of the netting. I did add the softening edges just to give more focus to the center of the image.

Peace (in pictures),
  1. I imagine you are protecting the privacy of your near ones, which is very reasonable. I’m not sure you make that clear with your “without people if possible…”

    Capture the “spirit of baseball” without the player(s)? unlikely.

  2. Yes
    I am protecting privacy. But I am also thinking about ways to explore my world in a different way, by bringing the lens down closer to the earth (sounds sappy, but it is worth a try).

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