Pivot Animation: Icarus Climbs Up

I am curious if I can upload and embed an animated GIF file that I created this morning with the Pivot Stickman Animation program from my Flickr Account. (I’ve been reading aloud the latest in the Lightning Thief series with my kids, so Icarus came to mind for a title of this character making its way up into the sky)

I guess it does work, although you have to be sure to grab the “original image” code from Flickr, otherwise it is just a flat picture with no animation. I also needed to change the size within the post. Interesting — I am going to have my students work with Pivot today and tomorrow and sometimes we try MovieMaker, but it does not like Pivot Gif files and can crash.

I made the background in Paint and then brought it in, as I want my students to do.

So, Flickr may be an alternative to sharing the movies out at our classroom blog site.

Peace (in frames),

  1. Tēnā koe Kevin

    This is exciting stuff. Flash eh? I use a bit of Flash. I also use Photoshop ImageReady. I’ve never seen an animation on a blog before, not like that anyway.

    This could be useful. You say you embedded the gif in Flash. Hmm. I must experiment.

    Poor Icarus. He never really made it.

    Ka kite ano

  2. My kids love pivot but unfortunately the boys seem to like creating fights with blood and guts so that put me off. However, I like what you have done here and may revisit the site and encourage them to have another look at it. Where do you actually put it in flickr to get it to keep animating? Meant to tell you that if your day in a sentence proposal is successful, let me know and if timezones suit and you would like me to appear briefly outlining the wonderful networking it has given me, let me know and we might skype videoconference if you are interested in a guest appearance.

  3. Anne M. —

    I just uploaded it regular into Flickr and then used the option of “original image.”
    I am a Flickr Pro account — not sure if that matters.
    The animation did not work if I chose other sizes of the image to embed, just “original.”

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