The Rise of the Stick People

Today is the last day of the year for my sixth graders — which makes me both happy and sad (you teachers know what I am talking about). For the past three days, the kids have been working on the laptops for the last time, using Pivot Stickman Animation to create little animated movies.

I mostly let them have fun with it and showed them the basics of Pivot, and then some lessons on MovieMaker for those who were not part of my homeroom class (which worked on Claymation movies), and also Super Dooper Music Looper. They loved Pivot and they loved Music Looper, and some were able to do all three programs and created tiny movies.

I gathered the ones I could collect here for this little collection:

The best part for me? The credits one of the students put (on the last flick) that thanks me for helping her improve as a writer this year. Yeah.

Peace (in sticky people),

  1. Kevin, you are so creative in your approach to learning. I like the extension of stop animation into the “Rise of the Stick People”. Have your students seen the videos at CommonCraft? Keep writing about your students, learning and your work, it keeps me on my toes and extends my thinking;D

  2. Kevin,

    As always, outstanding. What I really enjoyed was seeing your student’s thank you note. Of course, the animation was also fun!

    I was wondering if you would enlighten us by writing a post with ideas of how we could start using animation in the classroom with students, maybe some tools you find online? It would be wonderful if you could share your expertise and then other readers could add resources to your list.

    Can’t wait now that you’re on vacation!

  3. Thanks, Kevin! I really liked the claymation movies I watched. What a wonderful job you do with the kids. So, are you Massachusetts? I’m going to Boston tomorrow! Really excited.

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