Slice of Life, Weekly Challenge, Chapter 13

(This is part of a weekly feature called Slice of Life Project)

Yesterday, I had a few hours of empty time. A luxury. My school ended last week and my kids were still in their school for one last half-day of the year. I did some errands (of course), then some reading and then I pulled out this little musical instrument that I have had sitting around for a few weeks.

It’s called a Kaossilator and it is a handheld synthesizer that uses a touchpad. It’s mighty strange and I need more time to get a good feel for it. It reminds me a bit of the Theramin (know what that is? If not, think of the eerie sounds of horror movies of old or check out this Wikipedia link).

So I shot this little video for this week’s Slice of Life, featuring my thumbs getting a work out on the Kaossilator.

Peace (in musical movements),

  1. Hi Kevin,
    The Kaossilator is pretty neat.
    Just wondered where you bought it, and whether it was affordable or not.

  2. Hi Janice
    I bought it online and no, it wasn’t really that affordable.
    It was an impulsive splurge that I prob should not have done, but I love musical instruments.
    It’s fun to play with, though.

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