A PhotoFriday Tag Galaxy

I have no idea what practical use this application might have, but TagGalaxy allows you to use tags from Flickr to create an entire world of photos. I used the photos from our collective PhotoFridays project (launched by Bonnie to great success) and, although there are not quite enough photos there yet to cover the entire TagCloud world, it was still pretty neat.

I used screenshots to capture the PhotoFridays TagCloud because I can’t find the way you might embed the actual world into a blog. But you can do it yourself. Just go to TagGalaxy, write in the tag “photofridays” into the prompt and give the world a spin. I think it will be cool to come back and do it again later this summer, when the pool of pictures gets larger.

Peace (in pictures),
  1. I played with this TagGlaxay for a long time but, I finally got it to work for me too! I did not have any tags on my photos yet. Once I got them tagged, it worked with my own photos. I LOVE this tool. How do you do it all? Check out Indianablooms. I don’t have many photos yet, but I will before long. I am adding this to my demonstration on Wednesday. I am so excited to be here.
    THANKS Bunches!

  2. Kia ora Kevin!

    As the business man said to Alexander Graham Bell while he demonstrated his latest invention, the telephone:
    “An interesting toy, but with no commercial value.”

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