Making My Own Comic: Outerworld Web

I am beginning a foray into the world of comics, somewhat inspired by a friend in the National Writing Project who does create his own comic strip for his local newspaper. I am no artist, so I have turned to a site called StripGenerator, which I like for its relative simplicity and strangeness.

My comic is called Outerworld Web and it features a kid character named Boolean, who is a student. The stories will be based loosely on my own teaching experiences and stories that I have gathered from others here and there. A theme will be technology in the classroom, but that won’t be exclusive. I am also hoping to create a Google Site to collect all of my comics as they come to fruition.

As a writer, I am hoping this experience will allow me to create some lesson plans for both comic creation and comic publishing.

Here is my introductory comic:

(click here or on the comic to go to large view of the comic)

And the first installment of Outerworld Web:

(click here or on the comic to go to the larger view of the comic)

If you have stories or ideas that you want to share with my newly created comic mind, please let me know. Also, any feedback on the comic would be most appreciated, as I am in new terrain here.

Peace (in frames),


  1. Just this morning I created a strip using the program link from your classroom pages that you used with your students. It was fun. I’ll check out the strip generator link provided here. How will the adventures of Boolean and friends be found from here on out?
    Gail P

  2. Hey Kevin, I’m enjoying the comic you’ve created. Way to go! (Boolean’s mother is kinda creepy — she looks like a nun, and she’s the only character without a mouth!)

  3. Tina
    You’re right — the mom is kind of strange.
    She has a mouth — it’s a line across her face (I think).
    The entire site is made somewhere in the far reaches of Eastern Europe, so there is a different quality to the artwork.

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