ReConfiguring My Comic Strip

I am in the midst of reconfiguring my comic strip. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • I don’t like having to rely on an online site for creating the comic;
  • I don’t want to navigate copyrights if I can get my comic published, since the artwork was not mine but the property of the online comic creator site;
  • I wanted to add some color;
  • I wanted to change the name of the comic from Outerworld Web (which was fine when I first conceived the project but now has little to do with the characters) to Boolean Squared (which allows a focus on my main character);
  • I want to see if I can do this all alone.

And so, I went into MS Paint and made my own version of my characters. I also have begun using ComicLife for PC to see if that is a workable platform. It’s not perfect and I need to tinker some more. I am having trouble, for example, getting two images into a single frame, which is strange.



What do you think? I really would appreciate some feedback here, as I am moving into some unknown territory.

Of course, if the local newspaper shows an interest, things may change again. I’ll keep you posted.

Peace (in comics),

  1. I like the layout of the bottom image and the title. It makes a whole lot of sense going for your own art work; especially if a newspaper picks it up. The pictures of Boolean and company look like they can be changed pretty easily. Adjust the mouth and eyebrows and you get a whole new expression. I’m enjoying following along with your newest adventure.

  2. To be perfectly honest, I’m not in love with the character images. I find them a distraction but that may be because they are new and so I’m staring at them, giving the dialogue less attention. Did someone say ADD?
    Gail P

  3. Kevin this sounds like a fun project. Bonnie was just introducing us to you at the hudson valley project. How difficult would it be to have the eyebrows or shoulders move?

  4. I think you are going to have a lot of fun with comics, and having you share your process is so encouraging to me. I love Mr. Teach’s glasses. I wished the pet “Funk” were not an alien…OR…I wish there was a “real animal” in your comic. Something with floppy ears (or pointed up ears) and a tail and even, perhaps, big slobbery tongue. (I am not sure about the tongue.)

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