First Days … Wordle

I experimented with a Google Docs Survey Form this week with my students. It allowed me to gather some interesting information, although I am still struggling with how to look at it in a meaningful way. One thing I did was take all of the student responses from a question on things they are looking forward to this year in sixth grade and popped them into Wordle.

Here is what came out:

We play a game of Quidditch at our school, which is very popular, and I like that writing is pretty big, too.

Peace (in word games),

  1. Great to see you new school year start. All the best for it. I love google docs and google form and I am sure that you will be able to use the results from it effectively. Your students are lucky if they go white water rafting.

  2. How did you insert your Wordle? I tried inserting but it wouldn’t insert as an image so I ended up just inserting my wordle as a link. Pls. let me know when you have the time – thanks!

  3. As well as I can figure, you can’t download from Wordle because it uses Java.
    So, do a screenshot instead and then save it as a jpeg file.
    I then upload to Flickr and use from there.
    I know it adds a few steps but I can’t figure out anything easier.

    PS — on a PC, do a screenshot by calling up the Wordle on your screen, hit the “print screen” button on your keyboard (upper right for most of us) and then go into MS Paint, hit paste, and then edit and save. I don’t know the Mac screenshot off the top of my head but it can be googled easily enough.

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