Six Words — One Reflection


The Day in a Sentence returns here this week with a request that you consider boiling down your busy lives — either as a day or the week — into a single reflective thought. This week, I am returning to the concept of minimalization: the Six Word Sentence.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Consider your week or a day in your week
  • Reflect on it
  • Write a sentence that captures the spirit of the week or a day
  • But use ONLY SIX WORDS
  • Post your sentence here by using the comment button on this post (note: comments are kept in my moderation bin)
  • I will gather all of the sentence and release them to the world over the weekend
  • You will get great virtual applause. 🙂

Everyone is invited (yes, even you) so please consider joining us.

Here is my sentence:

I defended technology before reluctant mom.

Peace (in words),

PS — Thanks to the folks who hosted Day in a Sentence over the past few weeks, including:

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