Gathering Student Voices

We did some podcasting in my classroom yesterday with a portable voice recorder. Their first writing project for the year was a Biopoem and I had them take a line or two from their poems and read them out loud, creating a classroom collective audio Biopoem as they were sharing their words with the class. They were very excited about podcasting and I will play the files for them today in class (and remind them they can go to our classroom site – The Electronic Pencil – to hear all of them, and I will direct parents there, too).

Here is my homeroom class:

A Collective Class BioPoem

Peace (in voice),

  1. Great stuff Kevin. I appreciated the diversity of responses. Everyone is a bit different but all have their own fears and aspirations.

  2. Your students sound very confident and enthused. What a great way to build excitement for the year and set goals. Must be fun to listen to the early poems at the end of the year. Voices must go up an octave or so in some cases.

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