Your Day in a Question?

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This suggestion comes from Gail P., who teaches at my school. She came into the lunch room and said, Why not Day in a Sentence as an interrogative?

Well, why not, indeed? We haven’t done that one before, so: Please reflect on a day in your week or your week, and narrow it down to a provocative question or query for us.

Then, use the comment feature on this post to add your question and I will gather them up and publish over the weekend. (Thanks, Gail!)

Here is mine:

Will this push into Professional Learning Communities will make our school more collaborative in nature or will it just tighten the circles around our grade level teams?

I look forward to your words and invite everyone and anyone to come on board with this collaborative, community project.

Peace (in wonder),

  1. I adore this. Thanks go to you and to your colleague. I think this would be a fabulous thing for teacher inquiry groups to use microblogging for. What if we had to tweet a question raised by something in the day on some regular basis? And our questions would accumulate into something we could look at later and discern patterns?

  2. I’ve been away from writing and reading other blogs for a long, long time. I just stopped by to check up on your blog, and I found I loved this idea of a day in a sentence. Is this a Thursday thing? I’ll keep my eyes posted this week.

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