Don’t Go Disappointing Me

The elections are fast upon us, and like many, I am keeping an eagle-eye on the developments of the economy, the wars in the Middle East, and the leadership qualities of the two presidential candidates seeking to get my vote. I guess I haven’t made too many bones that I am mostly independent, leaning left on most issues, and I have been impressed by Sen. Obama. (But I also once voted in a Republican primary for Sen. McCain when he was facing off against Bush.)

I was thinking of Obama and McCain the other night, and how they seek our allegiance and then, all to often, abuse it with the whispers in their ears from lobbyists and advisors and others. I always worry they will just disappoint me again.

And so, with some taste of bitterness, I suppose, I offer up this song:

Disappointing Me
(Listen to the song)

I’ve lived a long life
Oh, the stories I could tell
I hope you don’t go disappointing me

The path is paved
with empty words that they will sell
I hope you don’t go disappointing me

Four years ahead of us — The future’s in our eyes
My baby’s getting old — and the world is compromised

They’d tell you anything
to fill your heart with fear
I hope you don’t go disappointing me

I’d like to take you
for a walk around my town
I hope you don’t go disappointing me

Just stop and listen
to the people all around
I hope you don’t go disappointing me

Four years ahead of us — The future’s in our eyes
My baby’s getting old — I hear it in his cries

You’ve got the power
to change the world that we know
I hope you don’t go disappointing me

(You can hear my youngest son in the background, talking and singing his own song and then at the end, asking me to play it again. Very funny).

Peace (in presidential promises),

  1. Kevin, Thank you for sharing your song … and the words. It’s cool that you wrote a political song during this time of high politics leading up the the election of a new president. I tend to question, in my own mind, if President’s actually have the power to change things, with all the checks and balances of opposing parties in the congress and the judicial system. I understand that this was the plan of our Founding Fathers so that there would be more thought and debate on any changes. It is nice when our politicians listen to the people.

  2. Thanks, guys.
    Pati, I agree — how much power the prez has is questionable, but clearly, that person has the power to move the country in a certain direction and then we are like a huge freighter that is difficult to turn or navigate.

  3. Kia ora Kevin!

    A good song.
    The style takes me back.

    I guess you followed Dylan?
    He is a worthy icon to follow.

    I hear you too have a follower.
    Well done jnr!

    Ka kite
    from Middle-earth

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