Moving Comics into Movies

My friend, Glenn, is an inspiration to me for his work and thinking around comics. As another member of the National Writing Project, Glenn has published a regular webcomic with his regional newspaper that looks at local politics. It was called Nota Bene. I say “was” because after 100 comics, he is now moving on to a new comic strip project.

But he continues to think about ways to push the medium, and this week, he shared an experiment that moves comics into video, with narration. He has taken an issue — Merit Pay for teachers, and the possibilities of competition over students — and crafted this video. The voices are sort of creepy, which is the point.

Peace (in mixing mediums),

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Kevin. My mind just works like that. It’s my art background, I think. Let me return the compliment. You have more energy and willingness to try new things than anyone else I know in education. Nothing stops you. And that it a great thing!

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