An Audio Adventure Story Collage

(this is an illustration from one of the adventure stories)

Yesterday, my students chose a section of their adventure stories to share and we created a collective podcast of their readings from each class. I love this idea of an audio collage, and students were quite interested to hear the bits and pieces of each other’s stories, wondering about the rest of the tales.

Give a listen:

Stories from First Period

Peace (in voice),

  1. I could hear the excitment about their work in their voices. I was especially drawn in by the Cussler – like adventure story line where the hero finds a room full of diving suits and the pace picks up. The characters, with Dirk Pitt enthusiasm, need to work quickly to save the sub and its crew. Kevin, I can already see improvment in their writing. Nice job, Mr. Teach.

  2. Kids always have very distinctive art works compares to the adults’ esp when it comes with drawing. It seems like most of kids have the same style of drawing but when they get older they go to different styles. We would hang a kid’s drawing on our clean wall in our beautiful house but wouldn’t always hang the one drawn by some cheesy artist on the street. I mean honestly I stop to come closer to a kid’s drawing but don’t always stop to see when some artist on the street draws a picture of someone’s face, even if the kid’s drawing looks a bit messy compared to the artist’s.

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