Wordle Up

Last week, I used Google Forms (part of the Google Docs suite) to survey my students on a variety of topics (including a community action/school spirit project). Two of the questions were open-ended: Why should they care about other people in the world and what would their motto/slogan be if they were running for president? I took their answers and put them into Wordle.

Here is what I got:

First: Why is it important that 11 and 12 year old students from a suburban town in Massachusetts care about other people in the world?

(I love how Care and Kids and Help and People are all huge)

And, what would your motto be if you were running for president?

(Is it significant that Peace and World and Change are most prominent? Yes, I believe it is)

Peace (in wordles),

  1. Thank you for sharing this! After wading through some news articles and videos, as well as listening to 24hour NPR feed to check in on the election/campaigns as well as national news, well, it’s just so inspiring to know that hope, change, and passion are still alive and well, at least in the youth of your classroom. 🙂


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