The Evolution of My Political Mind (as webcomic)

I loved the concept of the 24 Hour Comic Project that I took part in a few weeks ago that I decided to do it again on my own. This time, I trace my own development within the sphere of politics and urge folks in the United States to get out and vote. I am sharing a few of the frames here and hope that you will wander over to my new site for longer comics that I am now creating,in addition to my home for Boolean Squared.

See the rest of the comic over at my Kevin’s Comics Site

Peace (in comics with a message),


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  1. That was rather refreshing Kevin, a nice stroll down memory lane. Of course my journey began a bit earlier when I didn’t bother voting for John McGovern in ’72. He took Massachusetts without me anyway. The other 49 states went with Nixon and we know what happened there. I did wake up the next time around and voted for my favorite president to this day, Jimmy Carter. I will vote next week because I want to be part of the change that has to take place.

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