Halloween is here, so ….

I have a few items to share on this Scare Night:

First of all, over at PhotoFridays, a few folks are sharing out Halloween-inspired pictures, so I added a few of my own. Mine come from the annual neighborhood Pumpkin Contest, which featured more than 100 carved pumpkins, a pumpkin rolling contest, the lighting of a Burning Man (perhaps it was Bush, in effigy, given the politics of our ‘hood), a gathering of friends and kids running around ramped up on sweets.

Here is one of our family’s entries — Elvis.

Also, Larry Ferlazzo has added to his already great list of Halloween sites for teachers, should you be in need of some resources. As always, Larry gives a good snapshot and considers applicability for all students and consideration of the classroom. In fact, you should really subscribe to Larry’s blog and read over all the wonderful lists and compilations he does. Larry is amazing!

Finally, I can’t resist sharing this video from Common Craft. it is called Zombies in Plain English, and it is a nice funny take on the outstanding videos they produce and dhare about Web 2.0 tools. The Zombie movie was put out last year, but it is timeless. I though about sharing in my classroom but the ending (which I love as a viewer) makes me think that I won’t be doing that. Too many napalm bombs and such.

Peace (in ghostly ghouls),

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