Digging Into Google Sites

Maybe I am just lazy, but I am liking how easy it is to create websites with Google Sites. They really get the simplicity down for users. And my list of sites keeps growing, as I added a place for all of my book and graphic novels reviews that run elsewhere first but needed a home under one roof. I have used Google Page Creator, but that seems more and more clunky and I think Google is phasing it out (although I may be wrong about that).

Want to see some of the Google Sites I have created?

And here are a few that I have created for my classroom or with students in other programs:

So, why does Google do it? Their philosophy, from what I have read, is that the more people who are online, the more people who may click on their advertising links in their Google Search, and the more money they get. I understand all that and I can live with that, as long as my sites don’t become home to a barrage of advertising.

Do you use Google Sites? (And see her for information from Google on using its tools for the classroom)

Peace (in building footprints),

  1. Hi Kevin, I use lots of google sites in my classes, but I have not used their web creator. As you say, they are so easy to use and google constantly improves and updates them. I use the applications eg spreadsheet, word processor, online survey forms the most. However, I have an igoogle page that is my container for my google reader, notes, calendar, twitter widget etc. When I was in China, I used skype to videoconference back to my classes at school. However, I wanted to share photos with them and talk to the photos. Flickr, slideshare and other image sharing sites would not work, so in desperation I tried google presentation and hey presto!, it worked a treat. This was all at the last minute. Google earth and maps are wonderful too. Wish I just had a week to myself to experiment even further with all of it. So, yes, I am a great fan of google!

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