Day in Six Words (alliteration extra)

Hello and welcome to the miminized version of Day in a Sentence, in which you are invited to boil down your week into a six word sentence. Adding alliteration this week to your six words gets you some bonus Day in a Sentence Points, but they are not worth much outside of this network of friends.

Still … bonus points!

Here is what you do (and everyone, everyone is invited to participate):

  • Reflect on your week or a day in your week
  • Boil it down to a six word sentence
  • Use the comment link on this post
  • Submit your sentence (it will go into moderation)
  • I will collect and publish all of the sentences over the weekend
  • Come on … give it a whirl!

For me, I am experimenting with a flash animation program called Express Animator, which is awfully easy to use even as I have only scratched the surface of the program in a day or two. There is a free trial worth checking out.

I experimented with my own sentence this week using the Express Animator program and made a little video of my sentence. I hope you enjoy it.

(And since some folks said they had trouble viewing the Vimeo — I think it has to with upgrading your Shockwave player – I added it to my Flickr and share it here — also, I should at least write out my Six Words, right? Here it is: Coughing Kids Create Havoc At Night)

Peace (brought to you by the makers of Dogtrax),

  1. Morning…school today? Good time to plan for lots of writing etc. Of course there are other things. Do you have to pay for this online tool?
    I’m going to experiment,

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