Doling out the Dollars for Days in a Sentence

Thank you to everyone who contributed their Six Word Day in a Sentence this week. They were wonderful to read. A number of you took my challenge to use alliteration and as promised, I am presenting those folks with the first virtual printing of Day in the Sentence Dollars. I don’t recommend you use it for holiday shopping but please let us know if eBay or Amazon accepts them.

And so, without further ado, here are your six word collectives:

  • local diner mac’n’cheese – oh so delicious!Sara
  • Christmas is coming, no more illnesses? Amy
  • Lavishing Lots of Love on Liam.Jane
  • sunshine sensuous Scottsdale sansstudents sanswork seriously Lynn C.
  • Grades done, snow falling, Christmas begins.Troy
  • Countdown to vacation; three, two, one!Liza
  • Ice and snow assault our senses.Gail P.
  • ill, work, havoc, innovate, tiptoe, holiday!Joe
  • Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, work, sleep, TwitterDavid
  • Summer floods the fast folding year.Ken
  • The sun always shines on wwwShaun
  • snow
    lots more snow
  • Mission Failed: No Chanukah Wrap AroundStacey (who created a wordle of her words)
  • (A) Weekend Winter Wallop Wrecks (A) Chanukah CelebrationBonnie
  • Winter wonderland enchants Alice, and us.Nancy
  • Pushy parents pervasively prevent positive perceptions.Tdawg
  • Holiday break brings rest, relaxation, rejuvenationKaren
  • Tired teacher seeks comfort food fast. Lynn J.
  • It’s wonderful to be on vacation! :-)))))Nina
  • Exhausted, satisfied, excited….. holidays are here. Anne M.
  • Soft snow slowly secludes someone seeking serenity.Mary F.
  • And Gail D. added: Note to Self: This is the last year I head off the post office to mail gifts only days before Christmas – totally cuts into my time to wax poetic with alliterations;-)

Thanks to everyone who added their sentences this week. What the heck … you all get Day in a Sentence Dollars … I am feeling generous and infused with the holiday spirit.

NOTE: I AM GIVING DAY IN A SENTENCE THE WEEK OFF THIS COMING WEEK, but be ready for a Year in a Sentence (our annual feature) as we close out 2008. Happy holidays to all of you and your family and friends.

Peace (with sincerity),

    1. Kevin,
      Thanks so much for continuing to do this. I do enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts of the week in whatever form they manifest. Reading them each week reminds me how much we have in common even though we’re different. Thanks to all of you who contributed. Have a happy holiday doing whatever it is you love the most.

      Best Wishes,

    2. I have enjoyed this year of sentences, even if only as a reader sometimes, and I’m looking forward to a new year full of sentences.
      Have a great end-of-year bash and happy holidays as well.

      Holiday greetings from Switzerland hohoho

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