Sue Says: Build Your Network


Sue Waters (whose Edublogger site is a must-read, I think) has put together a great wiki site around the concept of the Web 2.0-based Personal Learning Community. Using the results of a survey from folks in her PLC, she established a one-stop resource for folks thinking of dipping their toes into the, eh, waters.

Ideally, a supportive PLC will help guide you along in your reflective stance as an educator, writer, explorer and then provide the framework for you to be a mentor to others. Also, a good PLC provides some guiding questions about your journey: where are you going and why are you going there and what are the outcomes.

I like how Sue also included a quick set of pointers that she gathered from her own network and experiences as you begin to consider your own PLC:

  1. Start slowly and find mentor(s) to help you.
  2. Use the same username across tools
  3. Share as much as you take
  4. Ask as much as you answer
  5. Try new TOOLS before you decide they’re not worth the time
  6. Comment on other people’s blogs
  7. Life long learning is the key!

So, get your network connected! Head to Sue’s wiki for more information.

Peace (in sharing),

  1. Hi Kevin
    I never told you but your kind words about Sue Waters reminds me of something. Several weeks back I jumped onto some live podcast, one of many you get notices of on Twitter. I think it actually was one she was running on PLC’s. Anyway, I brought you up and she responded with some gushing of her own. She said that when she was starting out with Edublogs, you were so very kind and helpful, and to say hello.
    Little late in passing it along but we can all use a pat on the back from time to time.
    I understand what Sue means. You have been very helpful to me as well. Have a great New Year.

    • Well
      thank you, Gail, and I am honored to be mentioned by Sue.
      But I guess it shows the power of the circular networks in action because she has been a great resource for me, too.

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