Day in a Metaphor

Here’s an old twist to Day in a Sentence. Turn it into Day in a Metaphor.

Think about a day or your entire week, and use the power of metaphor to share out your reflection. The way in which you use the metaphor is completely up to you. Just use the comment link on this blog post to submit your metaphor, and I will collect them all and publish them over the weekend.

If you are new, you are cordially and warmly invited.  If you are returning to Day in a Sentence, welcome back.

Here is my submission, also as a podcast:

The winter weather is my Voldemort, thwarting my efforts to complete a big project and weakening the magical powers I use to keep my students engaged in a sustained activity.

Have a great week.

Peace (in snow, ice, and wind),

One Comment
  1. Wow! I’m impressed!
    I’ll wait ’til next week for something more my speed but I’m sure your writer friends will do it justice. Look forward to the post.
    Gail P

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