Meta-Tech-Trends within the Horizon Report


The Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium is always an interesting document and I have not yet read the 2009 edition (but I intend, too, and you can too, with this link to the pdf). The organization does a fine job of thinking of applications that are impacting education now and into the future.

The main topics in this 2009 report:

Time-to-Adoption: One year or Less

Time-to-Adoption: Two to Three Years

Time-to-Adoption: Four to Five Years

I noticed that they created a list of what they are calling MetaTrends, which are based on five years worth of research and the list seems intriguing.

Here is a bit from the Horizon Wiki:

While the currents and eddies of emerging technology are complex, it is clear that the Report has been following at least seven metatrends with some regularity:

It seems to me that these trends represent a greater integration of technology into our daily lives, with more concepts of collaboration and user-generated content into the Cloud world. Plus, the idea of us becoming part of more intricate networks makes a lot of sense. There is a lot here to digest, but it is well worth a look.

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