The New Google Earth (and Mars and Oceans)

Google released the new version of Google Earth and it looks like another winner, allowing you to move through time in certain locations, head down under the oceans and up into the stars and planets. Amazing stuff and a wealth of possibilities for the classroom, don’t you think?

Here is the link to download Google Earth 5.0.

And here is a neat teaser video:

Peace (in the worlds above and below us),

  1. Thanks for posting the video clip – just amazing. I’ve only just installed the new beta and will be immediately experimenting.

    I must admit I didn’t pay much attention to Google Earth in the early days, but it’s become something truly incredible – especially from a learning standpoint. My 4-year old daughter and I love to experiment with it to explore different regions. She’s even gotten to the stage where she tells me to get my hands off the mouse and let her drive.

    I was in the kitchen the other day and heard her yell in excitement: “Daddy, I discovered a volcano!”

    A truly amazing way of putting the world (distances, geologic features etc) in perspective. And when factoring in the contextually relevant images and video via mashups with other services, it’s an incredibly deep experience I think 🙂



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