My Haiku Project from Japan

We arrived .. sanity intact.

I am keeping a journal of our visit here in Japan (of course) and my goal is to write at least one haiku each day while we are here. A short poem to capture the experience. I’ll get on here and blog the haikus when I can and when I have time.

This poem is about losing an entire day as we skipped across time zones.

Hurdling time zones
like jumping picket fences
Everything stands still

Peace (from the land of the rising sun),


  1. Hello Kevin!

    I love that you are keeping a haiku journal (or should it be “an” haiku?) I am often amazed at the talent contained in my PLN, and I always look forward to your writings. I can’t wait to see what haiku (haikus???) you come up with. I love the first one! Do you mind if I share some of yours with my 7th graders? I’m sure they get tired of the examples I write (I mean, seriously, how many poems can you write about a cat named George?!)

    Enjoy your trip!
    Karen Mc

    • Hi Karen
      Certainly you can use the haiku — you can explain how I was trying to capture the monotony of a LOOOONNGGGGG airplane ride with the excitement of pushing across time to get to Japan (we lost almost an entire day in time — Valentine’s Day was gone in a blink of an eye)

  2. Kia ora Kevin and family!

    Good to see you are already embracing the culture of the land. What is it they say? “When in Rome . . . ”

    You’re in the right place. Have fun in peace.

    Catchya later

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