Slice of Life: the language of Boolean Squared

My slice of life is quick — I am updating my website home of my webcomic, Boolean Squared, this morning — adding in recent comics about the use of language when it comes to kids and teachers. This three-comic series begins with Boolean questioning why he and his friends get in trouble for not using proper English only to be taught the beauty of Jabberwocky and all of its invented words. Later, the students create their own words on a wiki (as I do with mine at our Crazy Dictionary project).

Visit Boolean Squared for more shenanigans. This week, the comic pokes fun at assemblies on Cyberbullying. (And here is the RSS feed from the newspaper where Boolean Squared runs once a week)

Peace (on the funny pages),


  1. LOL. I think that is changing, though, as it’s been recognized that inventive spelling in the early years is a marker of cognitive development. Thanks for the chuckle!

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