Slice of Life: Digital Storytelling with Teachers

(This is part of the Slice of Life project)

This week, we at the Western Massachusetts Writing Project finally received enough registrations for our Digging into Digital Storytelling workshop planned for Saturday, April 4. Earlier this week, we only had five people signed up and it was looking as if the event might not even happen. But then five came trickling in yesterday and last night, at a meeting of the WMWP Executive Board, I heard of others that are also on the way. Phew. We have a limit of 30 participants but would not do it with less than 10.

This is an event put on by the WMWP Technology Team (including some of the readers here – hey guys!) and we intend to have two components — one session for those interested in online tools (such as Voicethread) and one for those interested in desktop tools (such as Photostory3) with plenty of time built into both sessions for discussions and implications for the classroom. This is being designed for beginners, so I hope that the hands-on exploration and discussions will fuel some excitement for folks to try it out with their students.

For now, though, I am just happy to know we are a “go” and now the team needs to get down to some planning for the sessions.

Peace (with teachers),

  1. For some reason, I didn’ realize that this conference was specifically for DS. Know I get it. Sorry I was so slow.

    Frustrating about the registration, but it happens and people do their time to make a decision about signing up and that’s hard to deal with.

    See you Friday, you can count on that,


  2. So glad you’re a go. Everyone should be jumping at the chance to take a workshop with you! I know I would have signed up on the first possible day if I were eligible.

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