Slice of Life: Connecting with Network Friends

(This is part of the Slice of Life project)

Yesterday, after a rush home from school and a quick hello to the family, I was back out the door to the first day of a retreat of the New England Writing Project, where our conversations will be centering around ways to keep teachers in our National Writing Project sites connected. I met up with two other Slicers (Hey ya, Bonnie and Tdawg) who were also there, as our focus will be on using technology (ie, social networking) to keep teachers in the loop of the work of their sites.

It was great to see them, along with two others (Mary F. — from Day in a Sentence — and Steve) and our discussions were focused on a presentation we are collaboratively giving today to the various site leaders on the rationale of using technology for what we call “continuity” in the writing project, and then, more importantly: the logistics of the launch of a networking project that will get underway in the fall. (Oh yeah, and Mary and Tdawg and I are also talking about next weekend’s Digital Storytelling event run by our site).

In the midst of those discussions, we looked and discussed the merits of Twitter and Facebook, checked out a Ning site that I set up for technology liaisons within the National Writing Project, dove into Photostory for a few minutes and just had a rich conversation. Plus, I had a Guinness, so it was all good, and today will be even better, I bet.

Virtual friends are nice but when you couple that kind of sharing and writing with meeting/seeing/reconnecting with someone in person, it makes the friendships even better, right? So, when is the Slice of Life vacation package going to be announced?

Peace (in the moment),

  1. What a fun idea – and yes it is fun to meet. Several people I know are writing slices because they have read mine on my site or via facebook. They aren’t linking but they are writing. What a small world!

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