Days in Couplets, released

It was a bit of a poetic challenge this week for the Day in a Sentence folks: create a reflective couplet. I am pleased to present the rhymes and semi-rhymes and more:

First off, Anne M. admits that the rhyme thing … well, it didn’t pan out. But Day in a Sentence if nothing if not flexible, so:

A few days of adventure have just passed me by
It started off calmly , with problems so few,
Then a meeting in Melbourne, my husband came too
We drove in a car to get there on cue
Unfortunately, just at dawn we hit a kangaroo
It went down and damaged our car which is not new
We were able to drive on to the city oh, so far
My husband went to see the grand prix live with cars
And at night we slept above a nightclub full of jive.
After seeing the footy albeit ‘live’

Cynthia seems like she is having a blast.

Splashing in mud puddles one after one
Tommy LaRue and My-My having an afternoon of fun

Val captures the sense of freedom, no matter the weather:

Seven days mindless fun
Regardless of the lack of sun

There is a clear sense of “rush” to the lines of Marg‘s couplets, isn’t there? But also, a hint of something calmer on the other side of chaos.

Student teachers, meetings and 2 sports days in the mix
Some colleague camaraderie was the perfect little fix.
5 days left till end of term, I’m dragging to the line,
2 weeks of reading, catching up, and then we’ll all be fine.

No, Alex, it is not bad. No stress with Days in a Sentence. Just sharing and reflection. I won’t count the syllables or check the rhymes. Plus, you’re on break!

Off on Spring Break for an entire week
Hoping for my Work in Progress to tweak

I can always count on Ken to come up with something witty with his poetry, which is like a first language to him.

The day has come to split a thought in two
And write a pair of lines to rhyme on cue.

It’s a trio of couplets! (I like the sound of that). Thanks, Alan.

It’s football season in Australia
My team got beaten, that’s a failure!

Today has dawned with clouds of grey
Where is the sun to light the way?

Is the gloom that blankets me
Part of my sport misery?

sara wrote about tests, too (like me), which don’t make for fun rhymes but she, of course, found a way to be playful about it.

finally, our stupid state tests are all done,
so show us the door, we’re ready to run!

Gail P. gives poetry a try and comes out shining. Way to go, Gail.

Pushing through the week
At times with heavy load,
I long for days to pass, to bring the week its close
But then I am renewed,
A student’s learning shows,
And I’m reminded why – this is the path I chose.

See you later this week.

Peace (in poems),


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