(video) Slice of Life: playing with photostory

(This is part of the Slice of Life project)
There was so much going on yesterday — from the New England/New York Writing Project Retreat, to the convening of combined Technology Teams from Western Massachusetts and Hudson Valley writing projects, to bringing a van full of 8 and 9 year olds to see Aliens V. Monsters (I was not impressed but the kids loved it) to ….. — but I want to focus on some play time.

In preparation for a Digital Storytelling Conference next weekend, Mary F., Tina and I sat around my computer in a comfortable, dark barroom of the Hotel Northampton as I showed them a bit about Photostory3. The two of them — wonderful people, wonderful teachers and curious technologists — will be leading a session in a few days on the tool and although both have tinkered with the software, we wanted to do something together.

So, we grabbed some old images from my laptop (left over from a trip to Chico, California, for the National Writing Project’s Tech Matters retreat, when my friend Lynne C. was showing me her Photobooth program on her Mac) and on the fly, created this little doozy. It was great fun and that sense of engagement is exactly what I see in my students when they work with the program, and what we hope teachers will experience themselves on Saturday.

Here, then, is our masterpiece:

Peace (in mirror images),

  1. Too cool. I never looked that good on the Mac’s camera effects–more like I needed a brain transplant and plastic surgery. Fun video clip–esp. the laughing/giggling at the end.

    Kevin–you always have interesting things to say and I’m happy to try and comment thoroughly. I try to walk awhile with the person’s thoughts, then intersect. I must admit it does take a long time to go through the Slicers, and I won’t be able to keep it up as I’m heading into a horrid grading period, but it has challenged me in a different way to write empathetically and to synthesize the two lines of thought. My writing has really become more fluid with the hour-plus I”m doing on the slicer stuff; I hope I can keep up my personal writing at the end of this project.

    Yours is my last comment for today, so you’re getting the full bore. Sorry if *I* am the full bore–thanks for your post!


    • Elizabeth
      Your comments show such great thinking and insights. When a few of us Slicers got together this weekend, we talked about you (did you hear us) and the quality of your comments.
      Thank you for visiting so often.

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