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(This is part of the Slice of Life project)

I’ve been tinkering with some new songs lately, and as with most of my writing, a lot of it will not go farther than my living room. Not long ago, my band broke up (amicably) and I have been playing guitar with one of the members, working through some material and planning for an open mic night here and there. It’s been fun and creative and who knows where it will lead. Yesterday, I was plunking some chords and this song came out. It is pretty rough and it may not go anywhere, but I’ll share it with you as it was a slice of yesterday when the house was quiet. The lyrics are inspired by that quietness and about being called “mean” by one of my kids recently for laying down the law of the house (thus, the reference to me being a “mean ‘ol man” in the break of the song).

The vocals are, well, shoddy. But I wanted to get it recorded so that I would not forget it, in case it ever amounts to anything more. This one is called “Way out of Tune” because we always joke how I can’t keep one of the strings on my guitar in tune and my voice, well, is often out of tune. It’s good to poke fun at yourself from time to time.

Listen to Way Out of Tune, the demo

Peace (in music),

  1. I don’t know, call me crazy, but it sounds very cool to me. First I was listening for rough music and that sounded great. Then the words and I liked them as well. So I’m left at the end, what did I miss? Very cool to me…I could see it all!
    Suggestions for Photo Fridays????

    What’s happening with your DS project? Mike, my Dover buddy asked and I want blank.

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