Your Alliteration Days

The challenge this week for Day in a Sentence was to use alliteration. These were fun to read out loud.

  • To my motherly dismay my most mini of males is markedly manifested with the measles.Illya
  • Perhaps pathetic peripheral printer problems present, put possible pertinent proposed preparation plans past patching, partly precluding previously posted possible printer problems.Ken, who notes: “This was presented recently as a report to our coordinator who requested suggestions for the problems incurred when using the office printer.”
  • ‘eavily engaged in entertaining eerie aliens, as earthlings eager to exist for ever. Marg, who notes;: “Translation – we have joined the global writing project, where we have to write a story which entertains the alien king, or we all die. Eek! We are having enormous fun. 🙂
  • The tributary trickles tentatively through the townScibulous
  • Wearily writing winded words which wither within wastebaskets.Val
  • Tortuously training teenagers through timing, trial, tribulation and number twos to take THE TEST.Lori
  • Working with the worst attitudes warrants wistfulness, wisecracks, and a wandering mind after school.Brandi
  • Even though the sun has not yet welcomed us, as we wind our way around Washington, meeting with reps to win their support for the National Writing Project, there’s a blast of fresh air that seems to have washed over the city, the country and the world.Bonnie
  • I am perfectly puzzled and perplexed how I didn’t include two perfectly punctual Slicers in my giveaway … please forgive me!Stacey


Peace (in poetic purposes),

  1. This was terrific. I had an insane grading week, and I’m sure that’s why my creativity was smothered. Bravo to all those who alliterated!


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