Off to California for NWP

Tomorrow morning, I am off to California for a weekend technology retreat with the National Writing Project. It’s a long way to go but I bet the discussions and work will be most interesting, as I am part of a group of teachers who are working on developing technology resources through a program partnership with NWP and the MacArthur Foundation, and others. This is pretty exciting work. Our Western Massachusetts Writing Project has proposed developing resources around some main themes:

  • using technology for social justice
  • using voice (podcasting, etc)
  • assessing digital media in the classroom

I don’t know what the actual resources will look like at this point (thus, the retreat) but I expect it will be a way for teachers to engage their students with writing and technology on many levels and provide a foothold for them to do so in the classroom. I am being joined by a member of my WMWP Technology Team and in California, there will be teams from other sites. It will be great to connect with them and socialize (of course) and wander around Berkeley again. The weather looks nice, too (bonus!).

Here is one dilemma: I hate bringing my PC with me. It’s too heavy and I am too cheap to buy a new one. I do have my little green XO and I think, for the first time, I am going to use is as my primary computer for a business-related trip. I wonder how it will be? I know the small keyboard will slow me down and there are other limitations, but it will also allow me to see if it can be depended upon as a real tool and not just a fun technology toy (I know it is more than that, of course).

Peace (in travel),

  1. Okay, so anyone off to the National Writing Project is someone we want to hang with!

    We are The Class of 2k9, 22 debut writers looking for classrooms that want to work with authors. Our novels are both middle grade and young adult and cover a broad range of genres. (To learn more about us and our books, go to

    Connecting with us could happen in lots of different ways, including an exchange of letters, a question and answer session on our blog (or on yours), a chat room or Skype visit, or when proximity allows, an in-person meet and greet in your classroom (which could also involve more classrooms, an entire grade, or a middle school or high school assembly). The best part about these visits is that they are free!

    We also hope you’ll enter our contests to win books for your home or professional library. Watch our blog for details:

    We know that this time of the school year is busy and anticipate that the fall might be more appealing. We’d love to work with you or your students and look forward to hearing back from you! You can contact us at:

    Have a fabulous time at NWP!!

    Susan Fine, author of INITIATION (Flux, May 2009)
    Beverly Patt, author of HAVEN (Blooming Tree, Fall 2009

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