Everyone’s a Comic …

This is vacation week and my older boys have been working with a neighbor friend to create their own “newspaper” of events in our ‘hood. It’s been fun to watch them talk about what they will report on (creating a new bike path through our back woods, a profile of a neighbor who promotes baseball, the ‘dirt pile’ on a neighbor’s yard, etc.) My older son worked on a few comics yesterday that we will be putting up on his blog — Crazy Cartoonz — in the next few days. He did the layout on ComicLife and then he drew the artwork by hand, and I just laughed at his comics.

And just for comparison between dad and son, here is today’s Boolean Squared, in which Urth is trying to figure out which tech pioneer to do his research project on and Boolean takes a nice dig at teachers in the “lounge”:

Click on the comics to get the larger versions
(PS — the follow-up to this comic will be Urth creating an entry on Wikipedia about their beloved teacher, Mr. Teach, and causing a bit of … well … concern).
Peace (on the funny pages),

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