Thinking of Comics (yeah, I know, surprise surprise)

I found this interesting resource: Comics created by the Government for their own purposes, such as information against the drug trade and health issues (makes for a possible discussion about rhetoric and genre, doesn’t it?). The ones I looked at seemed kind of odd and boring, but you never know what might be there. And just the fact that someone has collected them here …. the wonder of the online world, right?

My friend, Chris (of The Graphic Classroom), just published his master’s thesis that looks at using comics for reading in the elementary level. I have to go through it and absorb his ideas, but the conclusion he reaches for his particular study seems to be that his use of comics did not impact the reading of his students. I imagine that must be disappointing for him, even if there were other benefits for him as a new teacher.

And finally, here is today’s Boolean Squared, which was inspired by a rather dull and lifeless Professional Development session I was in a few months back in which the presenter droned on and on, and I noticed a few of my students smiling through the room’s windows at all of us. It was a perfect Boolean moment.

(click on image to get bigger one)
Finally, my wife and son grabbed me a collection of free comics on Saturday during Free Comic Day. How about you?
Peace (on the funny pages),
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