The New Dog, Duke

We got ourselves a new dog. Some of you may remember that we put down our old dog, Bella, about 18 months ago and we have pined for a new one since then. So, we “rescued” this lab/hound mix and he is such a sweetheart. His name is “Duke” and he is about 9 months old. The boys just love him and he is loving them right back.

Peace (in dogs),

PS — this is my submission to the Photofridays project for this week. Come join us!

  1. Awesome dog, that Duke! I’m guessing he has some Pointer in him, Kevin. His body, ears, and facial structure look like my dogs. I want to meet him!

  2. We got a one-year-old black lab/hound mix at the APA about six months ago. He has been the most wonderful addition to our family. Sweet, funny, and full of love. Enjoy your new guy.

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