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ToonDoo - the online comic cartoon strip creator!I have written about the ToonDoo comic site before, but they are now experimenting with a beta version for students. It is a closed-off classroom site and this morning, I got my administrative information and I am in the process of setting things up for my students to use. I imagine it will be a fee-based system later, but I love the many aspects of ToonDoo and see many possibilities.

Here is my classroom ToonDoo site — — and as I progress with it, I will report out on how it is going.

One of the things I like about ToonDoo, besides its simplicity, is that it is more than just a comic creation site. You can alter photographs, create your own crop of characters, re-edit your comic (or a friend’s comic), and think about art and writing together in new ways. ToonDoo is not the only site doing this, of course, so you may want to explore around a bit. My complaint with ToonDoo has always been that I did not want kids to be able to search around the public forums for adult comics (not that I ever found anything inappropriate, but still …) and this walled-off community for just the classroom seems like a good answer.


Peace (on the virtual funny page),

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for blogging about ToonDooSpaces!

    We’re truly honoured to know that you consider ToonDoo to be ‘more than just a comic creation site’

    Thank you for the high praise!

    As far as the ‘fee’ bit for ToonDooSpaces is concerned, we assure you that it would be a nominal sum.

    We look forward to your participation and inputs!
    ToonDudette from

  2. Toon Doo is incredible and I would love to come on board and have it for my students. What’s the process and who do I talk to? I actually teach basic academics through custom comics and this is a great tool for my classes.

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