The Comic Protest of the Five PP Essay

This week begins a series in my Boolean Squared webcomic about the Five Paragraph Essay and its relevance for young writers. In a world of communication and connectiveness and authentic writing for real global audiences, isn’t it worth a wonder about why we still teach this style of rote form writing? (Of course, I know why – organization, development of thought, etc).

You can read the comics as they are published at the local newspaper or grab the RSS feed or go to my homesite of Boolean Squared for all the comics from this year. I have about one more month of comics and then I will end Boolean for the school year. I am not sure about the future, but that is fodder for another post soon.

Peace (in protest),


  1. Too bad I don’t have my own classroom anymore. This comic would have center stage on my bulletin board. Who knows, it could have motivated student activism in my “fringe kids”. Hmmm….

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