Days in a Number

I was thinking it might be cool to try to add a numerical element to our Days in a Sentence. See if you can work some sort of number into your reflection this week. It could be a countdown to something. It could be a tally. It could be some creative operation that shows something else. It could be just about anything.

As always:

  • Reflect on your week or a day of your week;
  • Write it down as single reflective sentence;
  • Share it through the comment link on this post;
  • I will gather up and publish them over the weekend.

Here is mine (as a podcast):

After many floating deadlines have come and gone, 74 students who spent 17 classroom periods (about 15 hours of project planning, writing and construction) working on 39 digital science books are almost completely done.

I look forward to yours.

Peace (in the numbers),


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